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Restaurant & Pastificio

We went to Monteverde for a late brunch/lunch yesterday and had such a pleasant experience! It was the perfect brunch-ish meal for a snowy Saturday in Chicago. The decor made you feel like you were in a little cozy Italian cafe, with a modern twist.

While I absolutely love pasta, brunch is one of the meals I look forward to most on the weekends! I went with a brunch-ish option because my mind was set on brunch, but we will DEFINITELY need to come back to Monteverde for their pasta!! I was caught awkwardly starring at the pasta dishes as they went by quite a few times..

Monteverde Breadsticks and Coffee

To start, we were brought some Italian tall, thin, and perfectly snap-able fresh made breadsticks. They had the perfect texture, were filled with flavor, and were a perfect “lite bite” before the delicious bites to come. Paired with some delicious coffee (surprisingly a great combo), and our brunch was underway!

This is Not a Belini at Monteverde.

For my brunch cocktail, I started out with the “This is Not a Belini” drink, which was such a refreshing cocktail. It had white peach sparkling sake, luxardo bitter bianco, grappa, and soda with a lemon twist. Perfect refreshing way to kick off the meal.

Artichoke and Sunchocke Crostino with the This is Not a Belini at Monteverde

Next, we ordered a starter… the Artichoke and Sunchoke Crostino, made with house made ricotta, fontina fonduta, shallot, Savani truffle with a little hint of rosemary. Don’t let the size fool you, these things were packed with flavor!

Artichoke and Sunchoke Crostino at Monteverde

Onto “Oma’s Green Mountain Salad" for a refreshing, crisp, and delicious salad. Filled with avocado, and some of the most crunchiest vegetables I’ve had in awhile. Topped with a lite vinaigrette dressing…This salad was GREAT! Available in a small size or large… we ordered the large :-)

Oma's Green Mountain Salad at Monteverde.

Now onto the main brunch-ish course of the day… the Scrambled Egg Fonduta! This was a delicious, savory, and cheesy scrambled egg dish complete with mushrooms, sun dried tomatoes, kale, chive, and tomato bread! Each bite was fantastic, and at times I forgot I was eating scrambled eggs! A perfect dish if you love brunch, but also loved the flavorful sauce you often find with a pasta dish. Add a side of “Meg’s Mountain Potatoes” for the perfect crispy breakfast potatoes with parmesan, percorino, lemon, and rosemary…Yum!

Scambled egg fonduta at Monteverde.
Scrambled Egg Fonduta at Monteverde.
Meg's Mountain Potatoes at Monteverde.
About to dig into the Scrambled Egg Fonduta at Monteverde.

Also, I can’t fail to mention Monteverde’s amazingly decorated bar. Check out the gorgeous view of the bar behind me for a sneak peak! Look close and you can see a glimpse of the Pastificio, where the fresh hand-made pastas are made!


Overall, our experience at Monteverde was excellent! The brunch-ish food was exquisite — and I can’t wait to go back for their pastas at dinner time!! The staff was so friendly, attentive, and knowledgable about the menu! For an example of how great their service was… being my clumsy self, I managed to spill on my shirt within the first few bites of my meal, ugh! One of the managers noticed, and then brought me a Shout Wipe to get the stain out! It worked perfectly, and I was delighted with their customer attentiveness and friendliness.

Thanks so much for having us Monteverde! We will definitely be back soon!

Happy eating to all!


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