Maple & Ash: When you want to feel like a king or queen ...

For NYE this year, my fiance and I treated ourselves to the I Don’t Give a F@*k menu at Maple & Ash! WHY? You may ask…Well, 2018 was one of the most challenging years yet (maybe you can relate)! We encountered quite a few personal hardships, worked more, and worked harder than ever before. The IDGAF menu represented our change in mindset as we head into a new year, but most of all, it represented a premium meal, and one fit for those who earned it! We wanted to finish out 2018 on a high note and reflect on everything we’ve accomplished this past year, the IDGAF menu was absolutely perfect! Now, onto our incredible meal and everything it included…

The IDGAF menu is a surprise tasting menu at the steakhouse Maple & Ash. It’s a meal fit for a queen (or king) and the service makes you feel like one. Maple & Ash was filled with balloons for NYE, including a shot luge as you walked in.

Maple & Ash NYE 2018

Welcome Drinks & Apps

When we arrived at our table we were welcomed with a complimentary cocktail. It was a vodka cucumber lime cocktail that was the perfect way to start out our meal. We were then brought a few light bites which included radishes with a mustard sauce and cucumbers with a ginger vinaigrette.


Course #1 - Seafood Tower*

To start out the IDGAF menu, we were brought a glass of bubbly to get our taste buds popping followed by a three-tier seafood tower. The seafood tower was a site to see and it tasted grrrrreat! It was filled with oysters, caviar, mini pancakes with sour cream and chives (so good) to top them off. Each bite was an experience and we were blown away!

Seafood tower at Maple & Ash.

Course #2 - Warm Seafood Hot Pot

Onto Course #2, which was a hot seafood plate that included mussels, baked oysters, king crab, scallops, and jumbo shrimp roasted on maple wood in a chili oil sauce marinade. The sauce brought out the flavors of the seafood and was the perfect compliment. Moving to my favorite part of this course, after the mussels had time to soak up the chili oil sauce, a hand made pasta was added to the sauce to soak up all the flavor. I could eat pasta for every meal, so adding that into the mix made this course even better!

Seafood hot pot at Maple & Ash.

Course #3 - Refreshing, Light and Airy Salads

Course #3 was a refreshing goat cheese salad with a side of flavored onions, radishes, and tuna to prepare our pallet for what was about to come... The salad was light, airy and filled with flavor and was complimented by the citrus flavor infused into the tuna dish. Topped with a little caviar (because why not) and you’re all set.

Goat Cheese Salad at Maple & Ash.

Course #4 - Meat Lovers Heaven

The fourth course was absolutely mind blowing, so make sure you save room for this. While I’ve always loved food, this opened up my taste buds to a whole different world. It included Ribeye, Japanese Waygu beef, lamb chops topped with a steamy compound butter paired with mashed potatoes and asparagus. To say the meat melted in your mouth is an understatement. I’ve never tasted meat that was so delicious. As part of the NYE special, we were brought truffle risotto topped with white truffle shavings to top it all off. This stole the show for me and it legitimately tasted like heaven in your mouth.

Meat lovers heaven at Maple & Ash.

Course #5 - Dessert Lovers Paradise

To top off this amazing meal, we ended the meal with an ice cream tower. To top off our bowl of vanilla ice cream, we had a tower filled with an ice cream lovers dream of toppings which had a little something for everyone. It included peanut butter and hot fudge sauce, whipped cream, cherries, butter scotch toffee, pineapple, bananas, roasted coconut, and sprinkles. Despite the amazing meal we already had, there’s always room for ice cream since it just slips through the cracks ;-)

Ice Cream Tower at Maple & Ash.

To sum it up…

Our meal at Maple & Ash was the most phenomenal dining experience we’ve ever had. The service was on point, we were seated as soon as we arrived, and were brought a complimentary drinks within minutes of sitting down. Our server, Spencer, was so knowledgeable about every single item and he definitely made the experience even more fun. I can’t say enough good things about our experience here. For those of you who are one the fence about the IDGAF menu (maybe because of cost, like we were initially), I’m telling you… It is SO worth every penny, and you and your taste buds won’t regret it.

Happy eating!


*Note: These are my personal interpretations of these courses and this post is not sponsored by Maple & Ash. Please note this was our experience on New Year’s Eve, so the menu may be different on a standard night. However, I know it will be ah-mazing whenever you decide to go!

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